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We live in this planet Earth together and each and everybody are responsible for safeguarding the place we live in.

Most agree that “green computing” is good. But how do we achieve green-ness, and what kinds of solutions help the environment?

Analyst firm Gartner estimates that IT is responsible for 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, and the network is coming under increasing scrutiny for its carbon footprint.

The proliferation of data centers requires the constant addition of servers and requisite cooling and ventilation equipment- which all consume copious amounts of electricity.

Lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic elements in the materials that compose hardware endanger the health of humans and the planet.

Fortunately, technology also helps us heal the planet and protect ecosystems that support life. Network service has been providing services such as, repairing equipments, refurbishing the equipments for more than a decade. Environmental responsibility is of utmost importance to us.

When we receive faulty equipment from our clients, our engineers check for the problems, fix them and test it before sending it back to the clients. By doing this we help our clients in re-using the equipments and reduce the possibility of procuring new equipments. This also helps in reducing the e-waste that is generated.

Companies embracing the reuse of IT equipment are saving cost and extending networking equipments life span. While leading manufacturers often release product upgrades every three years, switches and routers have a much longer useful life.

Reuse is a powerful component for environmental sustainability as it reduces waste materials and lowers consumption of fossil fuels used in the continuous manufacturing of new equipment. Other than this, there are several general reasons why green is considered good. Some of them are:

Meet increasing customer demands for cleaner, more eco- friendly products.
Appeal to consumers and partners who want to patronize and associate with green companies.

Those are direct benefits. The ultimate benefits are even more compelling. Caring for the environment and actively taking steps to protect it:

The planet
The health of humans, animals and flora
The health and prosperity of future generations

With technology upgrading fast, the need to upgrading the network hardware is also essential. By doing this a lot of equipments although in good condition are sent to the stores which will never be used again. Hence a lot of e-waste is generated.

If you are considering upgrading or downsizing your network or you have surplus network equipments, Avoor Networks can help you turn this network hardware into valuable cash.

It doesn’t matter whether it EOL or EOS (End of life / End of service) or just underutilized equipments that have gathered dust in the stores. Trade in your network hardware and join us in our effort to protect our natural resource.

You can also consider buying pre owned / refurbished equipments and save your valuable money as well as the planet live in. Green initiatives of grand or even seemingly minor significance help heal the planet, make it beautiful and clean.

Steve O’Donnell, managing director of ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) Emea, recognizes that times are changing. Not only have companies discovered the opportunity in all things ‘green’, but ‘green’ is very often, conveniently synonymous with cost-cutting.

“Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves” says O’Donnell.

Avoor Networks offers trade in for your old and surplus network equipment, VoIP equipment, Sun/ Oracle Servers and storage Equipment. We also offer Buy back scheme. We offer 1 year warranty for all these products. We guarantee you a fair market price quote on your surplus, used, refurbished or legacy technology equipment.

Go Green & Save Environment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Three great ways YOU can eliminate waste and protect your environment!

Avoor Networks uses the principle of Recycle today for a better tomorrow.


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