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Products We Repair/Service, Sell & Rent

Network Switches

Working over the years and passing through complicated hardware failures in line with various networking products (Routers, Switches, Firewall etc), we have developed a full fledge repairing, testing and refurbishing facility.

We have complete one stop solution to all the series needs of Cisco Switches along with their respective software. Apart from Cisco Switches we also diagnose and troubleshoot all other major brands of switches.

Network Routers

Routers are networking devices with customized hardware and software for forwarding information. Avoor Networks provides repair solutions for all router brands and their product models includes Cisco Routers, Juniper Routers, D-Link Routers, 3COM Routers, Nortel Routers, Netgear Routers, HCL Routers, Fortinet Routers, Extreme & Foundry Routers.

Unified Communications (VoIP)

Business small or large all alike are recognizing the benefits of VoIP and have started migrating towards VoIP technologies. With business adopting VoIP technologies, the need for support in this field is also on the rise. Avoor Networks has been providing VoIP product solutions since the initial days of this technology. With our expertise in this field, we have a complete set of solutions starting from Call Manager to end point IP Phones for all the major brands of the existing VoIP players. Every product was taken as a challenge and solutions were provided to all sophisticated hardware/software related issues for VoIP products.


Avoor Networks offers repair solutions for all firewall brands and their product modules. We supported major firewall brands.

Wireless Networking Devices

Mobility has become a user imperative today. Large global enterprises, small and medium businesses all alike use wireless network to keep themselves connected. The need for support in this field is also on the rise. Being a leading IT repair/Service provider, we provide repair solutions for wireless products.


Enterprise Servers & Storage

Sun/Oracle Servers are designed to meet the performance, reliability and efficiency standards set forth by cloud computing and virtual server architectures. Because of this, they are often used in some of the most important roles with a data center. To support this functionality, you need to have a plan in place to maintain your Sun/Oracle systems, especially after their initial warranty has run out.
Avoor Networks is a leading provider for server & storage equipment repair and maintenance. Beyond keeping your systems running at optimal speeds and repairing them if they fail, we also offer a variety of supplemental services.

Networking Accessories

A Data network allows for exchange of data between computers beyond boundaries. Building a network requires various devices like routers, switches, servers etc. Also a lot of accessories are required to connect these devices like interface cards, cables, Optic modules, Compact Flash etc.

Not only do the devices go faulty, the accessories also go faulty and are replaced. Most of the accessories like Interface cards, Media convertors etc., can be repaired and their life extended. At Avoor Networks we strive to keep your network hardware up and running always at optimal speed and performance, also we can extend the life of the devices and save valuable investments for the company.

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