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Network Routers
Routers are networking devices with customized hardware and software for forwarding information. Avoor Networks provides repair solutions for all router brands and their product models includes Cisco Routers, Juniper Routers, D-Link Routers, 3COM Routers, Nortel Routers, Netgear Routers, HCL Routers, Fortinet Routers, Extreme & Foundry Routers.

The network is the platform delivering business agility and efficiency. Organizations of every size depend on these connected devices for application availability and delivery across geographic boundaries. A secure and intelligent infrastructure that delivers a non-stop performance by these connected devices is a requirement of every network. With virtualization and cloud workload increasing between geographically separated data centers, it is great challenge to keep them running.

Our extensive lab and in-depth diagnosis of all the series of Cisco Routers ranging from 3900, 3800, 3700, 2900, 2800, 1900, 1800 etc has enabled us to give a reparability performance of nearly 90%. We have complete set of spares and testing tools for servicing all the above series of Routers. Starting from normal SMD active Components (Resistors, Capacitors, Coil, Fuse etc) to SMD active Components (SMD transistors, Diode etc) and RJ45 Connectors.

We also possess complicated BGA Controllers, BGA Memory, SMD Controllers, SMD Memory and their replacing tools. Our stock also includes all the RJ45 Connectors for most of the above series.

We have complete one stop solution to all the series needs of Cisco Routers along with their respective software. Apart from Cisco Routers we also diagnose and troubleshoot all other major brands of routers.

Warranty on all Router Repairs
We offer a 90-Day warranty on all Router Repairs. If we can’t repair, there is no fee! (NO FIX. NO FEE)

Benefits of repairing at Avoor Networks.

  • Fast TAT (Turnaround Time)
  • 90-Day warranty on all Cisco Repairs
  • Repair/Replacement Warranty
  • Diagnosed, Repaired & Tested by Experts

EOL & EOS Equipment Support & Service
Our technical skills in diagnosing hardware/software related failures in networking products with our set of testing equipments are vast. Our support includes from new running models to EOL (End of Life) & EOS (End of Support).

Router Repair Service Centre

A fully equipped Workstation for complete diagnosis, accurate fault finding and repair. Dedicated 100% Jigs for complete testing to emulate live environment. Dedicated system for complete diagnosis and monitoring of traffic stress test etc.

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