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Enterprise Servers & Storage
Sun/Oracle Servers are designed to meet the performance, reliability and efficiency standards set forth by cloud computing and virtual server architectures. Because of this, they are often used in some of the most important roles with a data center. To support this functionality, you need to have a plan in place to maintain your Sun/Oracle systems, especially after their initial warranty has run out.

Avoor Networks is a leading provider for server & storage equipment repair and maintenance. Beyond keeping your systems running at optimal speeds and repairing them if they fail, we also offer a variety of supplemental services.

We can help you refine your warranties to ensure consistent coverage, deal with end-of-service hardware maintenance considerations and assist in physical data center design and equipment migration process.

At Avoor Networks, we pride ourselves on being more than just a legacy equipment repair company. We have the expertise needed to address the unique concerns created by cloud computing, virtualization and other emerging technologies, while supporting sustainability programs and enabling improved operational efficiency.

We offer third party hardware maintenance and support services for a range of Sun/Oracle including Enterprise (E2900, E3000, E4000, E5000 and E6800 etc), SPARC Enterprise (T5220, T5120, T2000 and T1000), Blade (SB1500, SB2000 and SB2500 etc), Fire (V240, V440, V490, V890 and V1280 etc) and Ultra models. Our range of support servers also include X Series (4200, 4400 etc) and M Series (M4000, M5000, M6000).

Our Provisions which include maintenance and support functions, also cover Sun/Oracle StorEdge (61xx, 69xx, T3 Series etc) and StorageTek (SL3000, SL8500, T10000 and Enterprise library) systems.

We offer a wide range of services for these device models including:

  • Technical Support.
  • Reparability Output of 95%.
  • Hardware repair & replacement.
  • Configuration Assistance, Support & Consultation.

The combination of core services available for Sun/Oracle systems and secondary solutions that help with broad data center issues allows us to provide you with much more than standard maintenance.

Avoor Networks can serve as your partner for your requirements regarding the disposition of your hardware, allowing your staff to spend less time on support calls, in planning meetings or dealing with critical physical repair and configuration tasks.

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