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Microchip Level Repair & Service
We are specialized in providing chip level repair and service solutions to major Networking Products. Avoor Networks with its extensive experience in the field of networking products service is supporting network & network managers offering simple solutions to their business challenges. Our in-depth diagnosis & troubleshooting of any network product has allowed us to position our company on top. We are passionate about repair and delivering products on time.The Company’s repair set up of ESD safe are embellished with the State-of-the-art repairing tools and equipments attuned to A-1 class services.

Avoor Networks Provides repair solutions for all networking products includes Switches, Routers, Unified Communications (VoIP), Firewall/Security, Wireless, Enterprise Servers & Storages, Modular Switches etc.

Our technical skills in diagnosing hardware/software related failures in networking products with our set of testing equipments are vast. Our support includes from new running models to EOL (End of Life) & EOS (End of Support).
Our Repair Facilities

MFR PS1100- SmartHeat Technology provides exceptional power for high thermal demand applications. Small Bench Top foot print. MX PS5000- Microprocessor controlled power supply providing more power for challenges such as high mass components, multi-layered boards and lead-free solders. Greater process control with SmartHeat Technology. ESD safe with incoming AC ground monitoring circuitry. Built-in power indication meter with digital display and graph that dynamically provide the operator with feedback on the status of the soldering operation.

With an APR-5000-XLS-ML advanced package rework system, our engineers can handle BGA rework for small to large boards. Some salient features of the workstation are to perform precise, cost effective rework of PCBs and component types from large boards up to 24.5” x 24.5” (622mm x 622mm) to components down to 0.020”x0.010” (0.5mm x 0.25mm). New subzone design speeds up the process while allowing the operating temperatures to remain lower protecting the component and PCB. Precise thermal control across critical assembly regions. Better management of the narrow lead-free process window without reaching excessive peak temperatures that damage components, connectors, other solder joints and the PCB substrate. It can handle BGA, PGA, CABGA, MBGA, CBGA and PBGA etc.

A fully equipped Workstation for complete diagnosis, accurate fault finding and repair. Dedicated 100% Jigs for complete testing to emulate live environment. Dedicated system for complete diagnosis and monitoring of traffic stress test etc.

Working over the years we specialize in providing hardware support for various range of networking products (Cisco, D-link, Juniper, Extreme Networks, etc), we have full fledged repairing, testing and refurbishing facility. Avoor Networks provides support for low-end to high-end devices. We possess chassis like 4500, 6500, 7600 chassis for diagnosis of de-attachable modules.


Avoor Networks also specializes in hardware support of enterprise products, (enterprises servers, storage devices, etc), We have full fledged repairing, testing and refurbishing facility. We provide support for low-end to high-end equipments. We have dedicated enterprise servers, workstations and backup storages as jigs for diagnosis, accurate fault finding and emulation of live testing environment.

Dedicated Solaris low-end, mid-end and high-end jigs available for fault finding and repair of individual modules.

VOIP product solutions were provided by Avoor Networks since initial days of this technology. We have a complete set of solutions starting from Call Manager to end point IP phone, for all the major brands of existing VOIP players. We have a complete setup of hardware support in all aspects. We possess almost all the spares for all major brands of IP phones and consumables. We have provided an excellent support in this section to some of major IT companies of India by extending the life of their consumables like IP phones instead of replacement.


Our repair process involves the following stages.


Collecting the equipment for repair from Customer. Acknowledgement will be provided for the same.


Diagnosing the material for further process. If it can be repaired, the quotation will be sent to the customer.


Once the customer approves the quotation, the item will be repaired & then forwarded for further testing.


Once tested, intimation mail will be sent to the customer for collection. Finally, the equipment will be successfully delivered to the customer.

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